Arlington Travel Baseball provides youth baseball players in Arlington County, Virginia, an opportunity to acquire superior skills through higher levels of competition. Teams are composed of 9U through 12U players who love baseball and want to develop the

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ATB is pleased to announce that we have formalized our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance 



Since our founding, ATB has adhered to the principles of positive coaching: emphasizing the value of 

player development and encouragement over single-minded focus on winning. We are making our 

relationship with PCA official. As a PCA partner, we now have access to several resources: a Coaching 

Workshop, to be held in August, a Parents’ Workshop, to be held as we reconvene in September, and a 

wealth of on-line resources (including on-line versions of the workshops). We encourage everyone to 

explore the PCA Web Site and their on-line Development Zone resource portal:


We will be offering a coaching workshop in August. The Coaches workshop, called Double Goal 

Coaching, gives coaches specific tools to improve their coaching emphasizing the benefits of 

encouraging the things that go right over criticizing the things that go wrong.


The seminar offers some specific technical training in the following areas:

- Emphasizing Effort, Learning, and Mistakes are OK (ELM)

- Filling the emotional tank

- Honoring the game

 Here is a link about the Coaches’ workshop for you to have a sense of how your coaches will benefit:


Additionally, we will hold a parent workshop when we reconvene for the Fall Season called “The Second 

Goal Parent: Developing Winners in Life through Sports.” This workshop offers data-driven insight into 

how we as parents can help our players and coaches be the best they can be. You can see an overview 

of the contents of the workshop here: 

The workshop is an outstanding opportunity to remember the underlying values we have in going 

through the cost and effort to encourage our children towards competitive sports. It reminds us to focus 

on our child’s well-being, not just how well they performed. It gives us tools for how to prepare our kids 

for competition, how to participate effectively as fans, and how (and when) to help kids put their 

performance in perspective. While these principles are not new in our interest in building our kids into 

good citizens, they also improve performance and reduce burnout.